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Radiology and Follow-Up of Urologic Surgery PDF

Radiology and Follow-Up of Urologic Surgery PDF Free Download
Radiology and Follow-Up of Urologic Surgery PDF

The literature in radiology and urology is predominantly orientated to diagnosis and disease management. Although complications and outcomes are included under ‘management’, the clinician is often left in the dark about anatomical and physiological changes that follow successful treatment. This is particularly true where there has been conservative or reconstructive surgery. We are faced with patients who have a new set of symptoms, images that look different from those seen before treatment and physiology that requires definition of newnormal values. Clinicians are therefore left wondering what is a complication and what an inevitable consequence of the management? What, for example, is the normal appearance of a kidney cancer after radiofrequency ablation (RFA) and what does a local recurrence look like? How does the urine flow down the ureters after a trans-uretero-ureterostomy? What is the new normal appearance of the urinary tract after a cystoplasty? When we asked our colleagues to contribute chapters, their reactions were consistent. After the usual complaints of being too busy and so on, there was recognition that the subjects were very intriguing and had not been tackled before. Their instructions emphasised that we were not interested in why any particular treatment was carried out, or what the figures for outcome were. We needed the ‘new normal’ and the differences between that and complications. In some conditions the principal changes were radiological, but biochemical and histological findings also change after some reconstructions. With long-term survival after many reconstructive procedures there are some changes that are the consequence of ageing or the initiation of a malignant change. On the basis of the known changes, what should be the follow-up?This lastwas oftenthemost difficultbecause itwas rare to find any evidence-based follow-up protocols!

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