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Rapid Clinical Pharmacology PDF

Rapid Clinical Pharmacology PDF Free Download

Rapid Clinical Pharmacology PDF Free Download

This pocket reference guide is a must for all medical students andjunior doctors preparing for exams in pharmacology or needing arapid reminder during a clinical attachment.

In light of the growing pressures on those who prescribe drugsto patients, increasing emphasis has been placed on the importanceof pharmacology in the undergraduate medical curriculum.Rapid Clinical Pharmacology, with its concise,easy-to-use approach, offers an appealing format for students touse in both clinical practice and exam preparation and its‘one-page per drug/class’ layout easily facilitates thegeneration of a personal student formulary.

Each chapter of the book mirrors each section of the BNF toallow easy cross-referencing and then each chapter is divided intoconsistent sections as per other books in the Rapid series.

Rapid Clinical Pharmacology will also be availableas a mobile application for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad andBlackberry. See for further details.

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  • Rapid Clinical Pharmacology PDF
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