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Real-Time PCR in Microbiology PDF

Real-Time PCR in Microbiology PDF : From Diagnosis to Characterisation

Real-Time PCR in Microbiology PDF Free Download

Real-time PCR has established itself as a sensitive and specific qualitative and quantitative technique that has become important to all areas of microbiology. This invaluable book describes and explains some of the more complex aspects of real-time PCR by presenting a background for the novice, a theoretical reference for the experienced user, and useful discussions of future developments. Chapters address the basics of PCR history, oligonucleotide design, target preparation, standardization, quantification, various applications, and future challenges. The final chapter is presented in the format of a roundtable discussion, providing an insightful, topical, and interesting discourse with contributions from over 30 authorities and experts on real-time PCR. The editor and authors have produced an excellent book that will be extremely useful for all microbiologists.

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