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Research Methods in Health Communication PDF

Research Methods in Health Communication PDF Free Download

Research Methods in Health Communication PDF Free Download

Research in Communication Sciences and Disorders: Methods for Systematic Inquiry, Third Edition, is a comprehensive yet comprehendible text meant for instructors and students of research methods in the field of communication sciences and disorders. This forward-thinking text reflects the movement toward evidence-based practice in audiology and speech-language pathology.

The author ensures that the concepts associated with evidence-based practice are integrated throughout the chapters. Rather than treating empirical research and searching for clinical evidence as separate topics, this text presents both as different applications of a process of scientific inquiry. The order of the chapters reflects the steps a researcher or clinician might complete when conducting an investigation. Also included are features that help students be more active in learning the material. Each chapter has a set of review questions or case scenarios that can be used as homework, as probe questions in class, or as a basis for group activities. In addition, the author provides lists of supplemental readings from the research literature in the field.

The third edition benefits instructors and students alike with the addition of a companion website. The website provides convenient presentation slides for each chapter and answers to review questions for instructors. For students, the website lists the key words for each chapter, provides links to supplemental websites and documents, and displays interactive versions of many of the figures within the text. Other changes to the third edition include:

  • Incorporating the recent information on evidence based practice.
  • Updating the statistics chapter with additional contemporary procedures.
  • Revising the chapter on research design.
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