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Research Methods in Radiology A Practical Guide PDF

Research Methods in Radiology A Practical Guide PDF Free Download

Research Methods in Radiology A Practical Guide PDF Free Download
Shortfalls in the quality of research studies produced by the radiology community stand in sharp contrast with emerging technologies and the need for new knowledge to address several issues in the radiological sciences. It has been shown that engaging trainees and retaining their interest throughout their training influences their decision on choosing (or not) a career in academic medicine. For this reason our group has developed and conducted a research training program targeted to radiology residents and fellows in the format of a workshop from 2006 to present. This program was initially launched within the Department of Medical Imaging of the University of Toronto, which has the largest radiology training program (residency and fellowship) in Canada. This book has been conceived on the basis of the feedback received from the workshops’ participants and as a way of improving the effectiveness of conducting research and the quality of research projects conducted by residents, fellows, radiologists, statisticians, and epidemiologists with an interest in radiology research in different parts of the world. Although previous books have addressed different research topics in radiology, to our knowledge no prior book has showed in a simple way how to design a clinical or experimental study in radiology, providing pertinent examples (case studies) with imaging figures, graphs, and tables.

In addition, this book contains exercises related to the topic under discussion in each chapter (as supplementary material) which should enable trainees to prepare themselves for Radiology Board Examinations and academic radiologists to apply the knowledge obtained in the book into the conduct of their own research studies. Further, the online ancillary component of this book provides a glossary for methodological and statistical terms, a tutorial and codes for the use of “R,” a web-free software for statistical analysis, with examples for sample size calculation, plot of receiver-operating characteristic curves, and statistical tests for different research questions. The chapters of this book are organized into basic concepts of statistics applied to radiology, research designs (from the most to the least commonly used in the radiological sciences, including advanced designs such as decision-making modeling and economics evaluations), evidence-based imaging, data administration, types of statistical methods including regression analysis and meta-analysis, and sample size estimation for different outcomes. Each chapter comprises information about learning objectives, basic concepts, highlights, and supplementary material (displayed in the book website only, including exercises, supplementary tables, formulas, frequently asked questions and “R” codes used in the body of text of statistical chapters).

Research Methods in Radiology A Practical Guide PDF Free Download, Research Methods in Radiology A Practical Guide PDF Ebook Free