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Respiratory Infections 1st Edition PDF

Respiratory Infections 1st Edition PDF Free Download

Respiratory Infections 1st Edition PDF Free Download

Did you know . . . 

… that since the advent of antibiotics in the 1940s the rate and duration of children’s ear infections are on the increase?

… that antibiotics can hinder a child’s immune system?

…that our present overuse of antibiotics for children’s infections is resulting in stronger strains of bacteria that will one day render antibiotics useless?

In this important new book, Dr. Mary Ann Block shows why Amoxicillin—one of the most overprescribed drugs of our time—and other antibiotics can jeopardize your child’s health, and why common ear and respiratory infections can and should be treated through safer and more effective means. In clear terms, she will tell you what most doctors won’t: what you can do at home to heal infections without antibiotics and often without expensive medical treatment.

In this comprehensive guide, Dr. Block will explain how to treat ear and respiratory infections when they arise by using her simple techniques to help drain fluid and support the immune system. In addition, she will teach you how to prevent these infections by targeting their deeper underlying causes, including airborne allergies, food sensitivies, poor nutrition, and other diet-related problems that can contribute to a weakened immune system. Correcting these conditions can play a key role in helping your child successfully fight off infections and promoting his or her body’s natural ability to heal itself.

  • Respiratory Infections 1st Edition PDF Free Download,
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  • Respiratory Infections 1st Edition PDF
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