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Rhinoplasty The Experts’ Reference PDF

Rhinoplasty The Experts’ Reference PDF Free Download
Rhinoplasty The Experts’ Reference PDF

Rhinoplasty profoundly affects the lives of our patients. When well-performed, it can enhance self-esteem and improve the quality and comfort of life; poorly performed, rhinoplasty can create chaos from relative order, distorting the nasal appearance and potentially crippling the respiratory function of the nose. Visually and structurally, the difference between these two drastically opposite outcomes may be only a matter of a few millimeters. The true difference between these two outcomes is the foundational understanding of the nasal anatomy, the proper analysis, planning of the aesthetic result, the skill techniques, and care of the rhinoplasty surgeon. Much like Michaelangelo Buonaroti sculpting his David incrementally, using a model partially submerged in milk to reveal only the area upon which he worked, the successful rhinoplasty surgeon must comprehend the internal formof the nose and work to reveal its inner beauty without compromising, but instead exalting, its structure. But how does one become a true rhinoplasty ”artist”? Artistic ability can be guided and refined, not bought or sold. However, the technical ability to understand the nature and structure of the nasal form, aswell as howthis formcan be manipulated, can be learned. The journal Facial Plastic Surgery was founded and first published in 1984 in order to develop, refine, and promote the craft of aesthetic surgery of the face and neck. The founding editors, M. Eugene Tardy and Tony Bull, sought to share the expertise of the world’s best facial plastic surgeons on specific themes. Throughout the past 30 years, many authors from many countries have shared their knowledge on many topics, and specific issues in rhinoplastic surgery have been covered in many articles. In this, the 30th year of Facial Plastic Surgery, we have brought together the best of these articles into a single volume, Rhinoplasty, The Experts’ Reference. The unique perspective this book brings to the field of rhinoplasty is the focus each chapter gives to a particular topic in rhinoplasty. Some topics are covered in more than one chapter, as different authors demonstrate different approaches to similar problems, much theway Michaelangelo’sDavid must be appreciated from 360 degrees. The rhinoplasty surgeon, at his/her best, is ultimately a humanist. The ability to understand the goals and desires of the patient, the ability to provide care in a compassionate way, and the ”artist’s eye” to see the inner beauty and true functioning of the nose must be intimately intertwined with technical expertise and finesse to alter these structures in an organic way to achieve the desired rhinoplasty result. The perfect rhinoplasty may not be an achievable result, but in this quest we strengthen and refine our abilities in forming and reforming the nose. I hope this book serves you well on your journey.

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