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Rosen’s Emergency Medicine 9th Edition Volume 1&2 PDF

Rosen’s Emergency Medicine 9th Edition Volume 1&2 PDF Free Download: Concepts and Clinical Practice

Rosen's Emergency Medicine 9th Edition Volume 1&2 PDF Free Download

When we began planning for this ninth edition, we challenged ourselves to make substantial and meaningful improvements to a book that has become the trusted standard in our field. With broad and rapid changes occurring in health care and information sciences, we recognized that relevance is not an accidental or passive concept. To advance in relevance and consolidate the book’s position as the defining reference in our specialty, we carefully and deliberately undertook bold changes that we know make the book at once fresh, directive, and current in a way we have never before dared. First, we created a substantially enhanced role for our editors, one that would demand a great deal more of their time, creativity, and energy. This helped us build a substantially different team of editors, a perfectly balanced blend of those with great experience with prior editions and those who would bring new ideas and challenge our assumptions. Ron Walls was asked to serve as Editor-in-Chief, with Bob Hockberger in his long-standing role as senior editor.Marianne Gausche-Hill, a highly respected academic emergency physician with service as editor on four previous editions, stepped up to complete our senior editorial ranks. At the editor level, Dr. Andy Jagoda returns and is joined by six brilliant new editors drawn from academic programs from coast to coast—Drs. Katherine Bakes, Jill Baren, Timothy Erickson, Amy Kaji, Michael VanRooyen, and Richard Zane. This dynamic and innovative editorial team has dramatically redrawn our text’s blueprint by preserving what has served our readers the best, such as well-written discussions of the pathophysiologic basis of illness and injury, while moving in entirely new directions in providing pithy, clear, and succinct recommendations for diagnosis and treatment. We collectively determined that all references prior to 2010 have been sufficiently long in the public domain that they no longer warrant citation. The infrequent exception to this is for guidelines that were issued in 2007 or later and have not been reissued or supplanted since. Strict adherence to our referencing policy required authors to diligently provide well-researched and detailed updates to their chapter content, based on only the most recent and relevant medical literature. In cases in which the literature is controversial or unclear, we have used the combined experience and expertise of our authors and editors to present cogent analyses of diagnostic and treatment options, make specific recommendations, and give the reader clear indications of the preferred actions. This makes the book much more immediately relevant for emergency clinicians. We recognize that emergency medicine is practiced by specialist emergency physicians, other physicians, residents and other trainees, and a variety of nonphysician practitioners, so were careful to ensure that we are addressing all these groups with the same concise, highest quality information and recommendations.
Rosen’s Emergency Medicine 9th Edition Volume 1&2 PDF Free Download, Rosen’s Emergency Medicine 9th Edition Volume 1&2 PDF Ebook Free