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Sabiston Textbook of Surgery 18th Edition PDF

Sabiston Textbook of Surgery 18th Edition PDF
Surgery continues to evolve as new technology, techniques, and knowledge are incorporated into the care of surgical patients. Safety is paramount in care of our surgical patients. We have included a new chapter in this edition of Sabiston Textbook of Surgery about our roles and responsibilities to ensure safety. Surgeons, traditional leaders in mass casualty situations, face new problems and challenges in the era of bioterrorism. Distant surgery, employing robotic and telementoring technology, has become a reality. Minimally invasive techniques are being employed in almost all invasive procedures.
Increased understanding of molecular genetic abnormalities has expanded the application of preemptive surgical operations to prevent cancer. The 18th edition of the Sabiston Textbook of Surgery refl ects these exciting changes and new knowledge. We have incorporated 3 new chapters and more than 50 new authors to ensure that the most current information is presented. The goal of this new edition is to remain the most thorough, useful, readable, and understandable textbook presenting the principles and techniques of surgery. It is designed to be equally useful to students, trainees, and experts in the fi eld. We are committed to maintaining this tradition of excellence begun in 1936. Surgery, after all, remains a discipline in which the knowledge and skill of a surgeon combine for the welfare of our patients.
During the past 3 score and 7 years, this surgical text, edited successively by Christopher (5 editions), Davis (4 editions), Sabiston (6 editions), and now Townsend (3 editions), has charted the surgical seas for generations of surgeons throughout their careers as they progressed from students to practitioners and teachers. Dr. Townsend and his three associate editors have added to the innovations that they initiated in the 15th edition in recognition of the ever-increasing velocity of acquisition of knowledge, expansion of surgical practice, and application of new technology. This edition is organized into 13 sections—focused on basic principles of surgery, organ-specifi c general surgical care, and the surgical superspecialties— to recapitulate the content of the American Board of Surgery certifying examination. The editorial team has added more than 50 new members to the allstar cast of authors for the 77 chapters that provide global coverage of surgery. Of all the surgical texts, this one most successfully integrates information from the laboratory to illuminate the rationale for surgical care. Each chapter begins with a chapter outline and contains other tables presenting checklists of key principles and practices. Abundant use is made of color in illustrative photographs and drawings and to emphasize important aspects of graphs and tables. A unique feature is the citation and brief summary of seminal articles, which are beyond the reach of short–time span search programs, designed to inform the reader how we arrived at the current state-of-the-art.
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