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Severe Dementia PDF

Severe Dementia PDF Free Download

Severe Dementia PDF Free Download

The later stages of dementia are as important, if not more so, asthe earlier stages, since they harbour unique characteristics andevents, which profoundly affect the lives of patients and theircarers. Severe dementia has not had a high profile in theclinical literature as until recently prognosis was poor and therewere few beneficial interventions. With the recent licensing ofmemantine, clinicians finally have a drug option that will delaydisease progression. 

Severe Dementia is the first book to focusexclusively on severe dementia. It addresses both the clinicalfeatures of the disease and the social aspects of care.Introductory chapters on the differential diagnosis, neurochemistryand molecular pathology of severe dementia set the scene for theclinical discussion. Detailed clinical chapters on cognitivefunction, depression, physical effects, staging and functionfollow. All therapeutic interventions are then discussed,including memantine, anticholinesterases, neuroleptics andnon-pharmacological treatment. The final chapters review the socialand economic aspects of dementia care, including familyinvolvement, person-centered care, palliative care, ethics andhealth economics.

Written and edited by experts in geriatric psychiatry andgeriatrics, Severe Dementia is of value to allclinicians involved in the management of this complex andvulnerable group of patients. It is also of interest togeneral practitioners and carers in nursing homes.

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