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Simpson’s Forensic Medicine 13th Edition PDF

Simpson’s Forensic Medicine 13th Edition PDF Free Download

Simpson's Forensic Medicine 13th Edition PDF


Since the first edition of Simpson’s Forensic Medicine was published in 1947 there has been general recognition that the term ‘forensic medicine’ has expanded considerably to embrace not only forensic pathology but also clinical forensic medicine. In addition, medical practitioners who work within these fields now require knowledge and understanding, not only of medical concepts, but also of both law and forensic science, and how they interact. Indeed, many subjects that may have been considered part of ‘forensic medicine’, in its old sense, have now developed their own specialties, such as forensic toxicology, forensic science, forensic odontology and forensic anthropology. The earlier editions of Simpson’s were directed predominantly at a purely medical readership. Over 20 years ago Bernard Knight recognized that the readership should and did lie beyond solely a medical readership. There has been a huge increase in the public awareness of forensic techniques and process, led by an expanding media fascination with such subjects. With this has come an increase in the numbers of those wishing to study these areas as undergraduates or subsequently as postgraduates, who may not come from a medical background. What has not changed since Keith Simpson’s first edition is that the budding forensic practitioner, or the undergraduate, or the law enforcement officer, or the healthcare professional or the lawyer who wishes to study, or those who by the nature of their work, will at some stage (like it or not) become involved in forensic matters, needs to be aware of and understand the basis of forensic medicine and how it relates to the other specialties. This, the 13th edition of Simpson’s Forensic Medicine has been written to assist all those groups, not simply doctors, and to illustrate the basic concept of forensic medicine and related forensic specialties and provide an introduction to the concepts and the principles of practice for those commencing forensic careers, or for those whose daily workload will bring them into contact with situations that require an awareness of these matters. In addition, each chapter provides a range of suggestions for further reading (books, key scientific papers and reviews, web-based sources) about each subject which will provide further in-depth authoritative information. As we all work within multi-professional settings, it is important to have an awareness of the general principles that apply. The perspective provided in this book is generally from that of a doctor. Readers will originate from different countries and different jurisdictions. Examples of relevant regulations, law, codes and practice will generally be derived from the England and Wales jurisdictions. All readers should be aware of those that apply within their professional setting, their own country and their own jurisdiction. There are considerable changes in content, format and layout from previous editions which we hope will clarify and expand on topics of particular current relevance. Any mistakes or misinterpretations are those of the editors who will happily receive comment and criticism on any aspect of the content. We hope that readers will find that this edition addresses their needs.
About the authors vi
Foreword vii
Preface viii
Acknowledgements and authors’ note ix
List of picture credits x
1 Principles of forensic practice 1
2 The ethics of medical practice 12
3 The medical aspects of death 24
4 Identification of the living and the dead 35
5 The appearance of the body after death 42
6 Unexpected and sudden death from natural causes 54
7 Deaths and injury in infancy 65
8 Assessment, classification and documentation of injury 76
9 Regional injuries 98
10 Ballistic injuries 111
11 Use of force and restraint 121
12 Sexual assault 129
13 Child assault and protection 135
14 Transportation medicine 142
15 Asphyxia 151
16 Immersion and drowning 163
17 Heat, cold and electrical trauma 169
18 Principles of toxicology 181
19 Alcohol 188
20 Licit and illicit drugs 193
21 Medicinal poisons 206
22 Miscellaneous poisons 210
23 Principles of forensic science 216
24 Allied forensic specialties 235
Appendix 1: Guidelines for an autopsy and exhumation 240
Appendix 2: Widmark’s formula 243
Appendix 3: Diagnosing poisoning – Carbon monoxide. 244
Health Protection Agency guidelines
Index 245[/mks_toggle]

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