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Skeletal Trauma Analysis PDF

Skeletal Trauma Analysis PDF Free Download

Skeletal Trauma Analysis PDF Free Download

In the post-Daubert era, forensic science disciplines areincreasingly informed by robust, statistically-sound experimentalresearch. The educational value of the well-documented case study,however, remains as important as ever. Emphasizing known contextualinformation, this volume serves as a case-driven guide to skeletaltrauma analysis through the unique perspective of eachchapter’s authors. Both forensic anthropologists andpathologists contribute skeletal trauma cases covering a range oftopics including child abuse, blunt force trauma, descents fromheight, plane crashes, sharp force trauma and dismemberment,gunshot wounds, blast trauma, and burned body interpretation.Several chapters also include a discussion of potentiallyconfounding taphonomic influences such as animal scavenging, waterimmersion, burning, and extended postmortem intervals. Detaileddescriptions with multiple supporting images allow thepractitioner’s skeletal trauma interpretation to be comparedto the “answer” as it pertains to the knowncircumstances surrounding the traumatic events of each case.

  • Skeletal Trauma Analysis PDF Free Download,
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  • Skeletal Trauma Analysis PDF
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