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Skin Cancer Recognition and Management 2nd Edition PDF

Skin Cancer Recognition and Management 2nd Edition PDF Free Download
Skin Cancer Recognition and Management 2nd Edition PDF

The skin, uniquely positioned at the interface between the human body and the external world, plays a multifaceted role in the expression of cancer. Primary skin cancer is the most common cancer afflicting mankind and is rising in incidence, despite the fact that it is often preventable. Besides primary cancer, the skin may show direct and indirect evidence of internal cancer, thus serving as a window to the body for both laymen and physicians alike. In addition, the accessibility of the skin is useful for the study of carcinogenesis as well as cancer treatment options. I owe much of my interest in skin cancer to Leon Goldman, the father of dermatologic laser surgery, and to Edmund Klein, the father of modern immunotherapy. I am also grateful to Peter J. Lynch for recruiting me as an early faculty member in the dermatology program he had founded at the University of Arizona. Their support and guidance has proven invaluable in preparing me for academia, as I complete my 25th year as professor and founding head of dermatology at this the New Jersey Medical School. I am grateful to Dr. Stewart Taylor, formerly Publisher, Medical Division, Blackwell Publishing in Oxford, United Kingdom, for encouraging and gaining approval for this 2nd edition, and to his successor, Martin Sugden, working alongside Adam Gilbert (Development Editor), for facilitating its fruition. I thank my talented and loyal administrative staff person, Mrs. Linda D. Hesselbirg. My dermatologist wife, Camila, and I are also thankful for the encouragement of our mentor, Professor Stefania Jablon´ ska, and our distinguished colleagues, including in alphabetical order: Professors Julian Ambrus (Buffalo), Gerimanta Bal´ eviˇciene (Vilnius), Eugeniusz Baran (Wroclaw), Jerzy Bowszyc (Poznan´ ), Walter H. C. Burgdorf (Munich), Stefano Calvieri (Rome), Luiz G. Martins Castro (S˜ao Paolo), Olegas C˜ eburkov (Kaunas), Enrico Ceccolini (Bologna), Hong-Duo Chen (Shenyang), Bo˙zena Chodynicka (Bialystok), William P. Coleman III (New Orleans), Vincent A. De Leo (New York), Richard L. Dobson (Charleston), Peter M. Elias (San Francisco), Michael D. Fox (Mill Valley), Pere Gasc ´on (Barcelona), Alberto Giannetti (Modena), Lawrence E. Gibson (Rochester), Harald Gollnick (Magdeburg), Vladim´ır Hegyi (Bratislava)..

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