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Spinal Cord Medicine Principles and Practice PDF

Spinal Cord Medicine Principles and Practice PDF Free Download

Spinal Cord Medicine Principles and Practice PDF Free Download

This is the most comprehensive text available, encompassing the breadth and depth of the field of spinal cord medicine, covering topics from acute medical and surgical management to cutting-edge research, rehabilitation, and psychosocial care. This book was developed for all physicians, research scientists, and other health care professionals involved in the management of individuals with SCI, multiple sclerosis, and other spinal cord disorders. This practical clinical guide is the ultimate single source of information on SCM. It will be especially useful for physicians taking the examination for Subspecialty Certification in Spinal Cord Injury Medicine. Spinal Cord Medicine has 74 chapters written by leaders in their fields, and is divided into sections that include:

  • a review of anatomy and physiology, spinal cord imaging, and epidemiology
  • acute spinal cord injury management, including prehospital management, emergency room evaluation and intensive care, and considerations relating to spine surgery
  • overall medical management, including management of respiratory and sleep disorders, cardiovascular dysfunction, infection, endocrine and metabolic dysfunction, and bladder, bowel, and sexual dysfunction
  • the neurologic aspects of spinal cord care, including the neurologic assessment of SCI, electrophysiological evaluation of the spinal tracts, myelopathies, multiple sclerosis, spasticity and pain management, autonomic dysfunction, and concomitant SCI and traumatic brain injury
  • musculoskeletal care, including the management of overuse injuries, osteoporosis and long bone fractures, and interdisciplinary approaches to upper extremity and pressure ulcer management
  • wheelchair and seating assessment, orthotics, activity of daily living training, vocational and driving training, and functional electric stimulation
  • recent advances in spinal cord research, including functional magnetic stimulation, spinal cord regeneration and repair strategies, and body weight supported ambulation
  • special topics on aging, women?s issues, pediatric care, and SCI prevention
  • psychosocial issues, cost of care, SCI systems of care, and various supportive environments for SCI and SCD care.
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