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SRB’S Manual of Surgery 3rd Edition PDF

SRB’S Manual of Surgery 3rd Edition PDF Free Download

SRB'S Manual of Surgery 3rd Edition PDF Free Download

1. General Surgery a. Wounds and Wound Healing b. Ulcer c. Sinus and Fistula d. Infectious Diseases e. Swellings f. Electrolyte and Nutrition g. Shock h. Haemorrhage and Blood Transfusion i. Burns j. Trauma k. Hand and Foot l. Arterial Diseases m. Hamartoma and Vascular Lesions n. Venous Diseases o. Lymphatics p. Peripheral Nerves q. Neoplasm r. Skin Tumours s. Sarcomas t. Amputations u. Reconstruction v. Transplantation w. Stings and Bites x. Pain 2. Faciomaxillary Diseases 3. Oral Cavity 4.Salivary Glands 5. Neck 6. Thyroid 7. Parathyroids and Adrenals 8. Breast 9. Peritoneum10. Abdominal Tuberculosis 11. Liver 12. Gallbladder 13. Spleen 14. Pancreas15. Retroperitoneal Space 16. Differential Diagnosis of Mass Abdomen 17. Abdominal Wall and Umbilicus 18. Hernia 19. Oesophagus 20. Stomach 21. Small Intestine 22. Large Intestine 23. Intestinal Obstruction24. Appendix 25. Rectum and Anal Canal 26. Urology a. Kidney b. Urinary Bladder c. Prostate d. Urethra e. Penis f. Scrotum g. Testis 27. Neurosurgery 28. Thorax a. Throax b. Cardiac Surgery 29. Adjuvant Therapy Radiotherapy Chemotherapy Hormone Therapy in Cancer Immunotherapy Gene Therapy 30. Anaesthesia 31. Advanced Imaging Methods 32. Operative Surgery a. Asepsis and Sterilisation b. Instruments c. Suture Materials d. Diathermy (Electrocautery) e. Operative Procedures i. Abdominal Incisions ii. Vasectomyiii. Circumcisioniv. Hydrocele v. Inguinal Hernia vi. Appendicectomy vii. Thyroidectomy viii. Tracheostomy ix. Cryosurgery x. Lasers in Surgery xi. Staplers in Surgery f. Laparoscopic Surgery g. Dressings and Bandages h. Day Care Surgery 33. Miscellaneous Fascinating Signs in Surgery Triads in Surgery Misnomers in Surgery Triangles in Surgery Drugs at a Glance. Sriram Bhat M MS (General Surgery) is an Associate Professor in Department of Surgery, Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore and an Honorary Surgeon, Government Wenlock Hospital Mangalore, Dakshina Kannada Karnataka, India. He, under the aegis of Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) has lived up to the principles and expectations of his profession. He is also a popular practicing surgeon in Mangalore. A dedicated teacher to undergraduates and postgraduates has been an unending source of motivation for many students at viewing and understanding surgery as the subject it is. A simple person by nature and habit, it is his love and dedication towards his profession that has made him what he is at present; loved and respected by one and all. A topper during his formative years as a surgeon (post graduation), he has retained his passion to knowledge over a period of 16 years as an academician par excellence and this is what sets him apart. With a teaching experience spanning over a period of 16 years, it will be no exaggeration if said that art of teaching comes naturally to him. A teacher and academician by heart, he earnestly deserves The Good Teacher’ award conferred on him by MAHE in the year 2000.

  • SRB’S Manual of Surgery 3rd Edition PDF Free Download,
  • SRB’S Manual of Surgery 3rd Edition Free Ebook,
  • SRB’S Manual of Surgery 3rd Edition PDF
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