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Store-Operated Ca2+ Entry PDF

Store-Operated Ca2+ Entry PDF Free Download

Store-Operated Ca2+ Entry PDF Free Download

Store-operated Ca2+ entry (SOCE) serves to control essential functions throughout the human body and represents a novel and attractive target for therapeutic intervention. This book provides an extensive overview of the role of SOCE pathways in Molecular Physiology and Cell Biology, as well as their clinical significance. (Patho)physiological principles and emerging therapeutic strategies are delineated in a way that is valuable both for the education of graduate students in advanced Cell Biology/Molecular Physiology and for the promotion of innovative research and developments in the clinical/therapeutic fields. A comprehensive, clear and elaborate representation of current concepts is provided, including a pathophysiological section arranged in a tissue/organ/system-oriented manner. The book is intended for basic researchers specializing in cell signaling, ion transport, or pharmacology, as well as biomedical scientists and clinicians with a focus on immunology, neurology or cardiology.

  • Store-Operated Ca2+ Entry PDF Free Download,
  • Store-Operated Ca2+ Entry Free Ebook,
  • Store-Operated Ca2+ Entry PDF
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