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Stroke Certification Study Guide for Nurses EPUB

Stroke Certification Study Guide for Nurses EPUB : Q&A Review for Exam Success Free Download

Stroke Certification Study Guide for Nurses EPUB


Stroke care nurses have known for a long time that a specialized body of knowledge and a specific skill set are involved in the complex care needs of their stroke patients. Over the past 15 to 20 years, nurses who found themselves working with this distinct population (and many did not consciously seek out the challenge) also found the need for collaboration and support from their peers across the country. As research evidence led to practice standards and Stroke Center certification, nurses recognized that a specialty was being born.
This study guide is designed to serve as a comprehensive, but efficient, tool for preparing for the American Board of Neuroscience Nursing’s Stroke Certified Registered Nurse (SCRN®) certification. My first book, Fast Facts for Stroke Care Nursing, published in 2014, was designed to be a practical, concise guide for nurses caring for stroke patients. I believed that the more nurses knew about this population and the care needed, the more they would embrace their role and realize that neuroscience nursing is not an intimidating field, but an exciting field—the new frontier in nursing. The feedback I received was overwhelmingly positive: I heard from nurses who discovered a passion for stroke care, nurses who utilized the book to help their organization prepare for and attain Stroke Center certification, and nurses who expressed gratitude for a pocket-sized reference that was quick and easy to use. I also heard from many nurses who described the book as a great study guide for the SCRN exam, and they asked me to add practice questions. So, I took that suggestion and created this study guide.
The book’s format follows the test content outline. I have provided 300 questions divided into categories. The number of questions in each category fits the percentage of the test dedicated to that category. For instance, the anatomy and physiology (A&P) section is weighted as 12% of the exam, so there are 36 A&P questions (12% of 300 equals 36). I have also included medication tables, a national stroke care guidelines list, and neuroscience terms for quick reference. Case studies are a valuable tool used in nursing education, so I included a chapter of case studies to stimulate some critical thinking and application of knowledge as an additional preparation tool.

Stroke Certification Study Guide for Nurses EPUB Free Download, Stroke Certification Study Guide for Nurses Ebook Free