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Stroke-Vascular Diseases PDF

Stroke-Vascular Diseases PDF Free Download

Stroke-Vascular Diseases PDF Free Download

The second edition of this work continues to address the intimate pathophysiologic relationship between hypertension and stroke. The editors and authors clearly and concisely synthesize our developing knowledge of this relationship and place epidemiologic and physiologic information into a practical clinical context. Comprehensive chapters present the evidence supporting strategies for stroke prevention and care, including blood pressure lowering therapies, anti-coagulation, and management of other cerebrovascular risk factors. In addition to prescriptive measures for first stroke prevention, the book illuminates current regimens for care immediately after acute stroke and for the prevention of recurrent stroke. This latest edition also features extensively updated chapters from the previous edition, as well as new chapters on the effects of hypertension and stroke on the cerebral vasculature, blood pressure management in subarachnoid hemorrhage, and blood pressure variability, antihypertensive therapy, and stroke risk.

Written by experts in the field, Hypertension and Stroke: Pathophysiology and Management, Second Edition is of great utility for specialists in neurology and cardiovascular medicine and a valuable practical resource for all physicians caring for older adults and hypertensive patients.

  • Stroke-Vascular Diseases PDF Free Download,
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  • Stroke-Vascular Diseases PDF
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