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Successful Collaboration in Healthcare PDF

Successful Collaboration in Healthcare PDF Free Download

Successful Collaboration in Healthcare PDF Free Download

This critically acclaimed work makes the case for collaboration and shows that it can be greatly enhanced with conscious understanding and systematic effort. As a healthcare specialist who has worn many hats from direct care giver to case manager to documentation specialist, Colleen Stukenberg is able to –

  • Show how to build trust and communication and demonstrates specific opportunities where collaboration can make all the difference
  • Identify ways that quality of care and financial factors overlap and the advantages that can be garnered through an understanding of this
  • Explain how those in different roles view information through different types of knowledge and how an understanding of each perspective makes it easier to find the best source for important answers
  • Discuss the education and ever-increasing role of the clinical documentation specialist who is often involved in all facets of a patient’s progress, from intake and admission right up through discharge.

As the author points out, good healthcare is dependent on the right person performing the right role, which promotes excellent collaboration. And when people are allowed to function in their proper roles, job satisfaction increases, which in itself leads to better attitudes, which then leads to even deeper levels of collaboration and with it, the successful promotion of safe, quality care.

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  • Successful Collaboration in Healthcare PDF
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