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Supportive Care In Cancer 2nd Edition PDF

Supportive Care In Cancer 2nd Edition PDF Free Download

Supportive Care In Cancer 2nd Edition PDF Free Download

This book offers healthcare professionals, academics and anyone affected by cancer a fresh and original approach to the supportive care of people with cancer. It looks at some of the underlying reasons why cancer often leads to high levels of distress. More importantly, it suggests many practical ways distress can be prevented and minimised. The book combines the actual experiences of cancer patients, as recorded in their personal diaries, with theory, research and practical clinical advice.
In each of its seven chapters the book takes a different perspective and a different approach to supportive care in cancer. Chapter 1 considers how people generally manage and adjust to change in their lives and in particular how they react to the threat of cancer. Chapter 2 examines the ‘lived experience’ of people with cancer as they negotiate the many challenges and changes following their diagnosis. Chapter 3 looks at the impact of cancer on the families, partners and carers of people with cancer. Chapter 4 shows that the social and cultural context of someone’s life is critical to an understanding of their resources and responses to serious illness. Chapter 5 considers how professionals can help minimise disruption to their patients quality of life as they endure the notorious demands of oncology treatments. It looks at popular cancer treatments, common treatment difficulties, cancer rehabilitation and palliative care. Chapter 6 provides a summary of the burgeoning area of communication skills within healthcare and, finally, Chapter 7 ponders how professionals can maintain adequate care in light of the evidence of high levels of stress and burnout among cancer staff.

  • Supportive Care In Cancer 2nd Edition PDF Free Download,
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  • Supportive Care In Cancer 2nd Edition PDF
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