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Surgery A Case Based Clinical Review PDF

Surgery A Case Based Clinical Review PDF Free Download
Surgery A Case Based Clinical Review PDF

When starting my third year clerkship (last century), I was terrifi ed. I fi gured the only way to succeed was to do something spectacular. It was quickly apparent (within minutes) that I was never going to come up with an obscure diagnosis that had stumped my chief resident and there was no way I would impress the team with my bumbling attempts at knot tying. In my dreams, I imagined rescuing my attending by deftly stepping in to suture an exsanguinating aortic injury, but of course it never happened (don’t try it). I learned that the best way to make a great impression was by coming to the hospital each day as fully prepared as possible. From experience, a great way to do that is by reading. The goal of our book is to help you make a great impression on your surgery clerkship and to help you to prepare for the shelf examination. To help you reach that goal, we’ve assembled a team of collaborators that include numerous surgery program directors, surgery clerkship directors, and various award winning surgical educators. We’ve also included several medical students who were handpicked for their outstanding performance. In fact my two co-editors (Areg Grigorian and Paul Frank) are starting their surgical internship this year. The intent is to assure that the content of the book is comprehensive, and relevant to what a medical student needs to know. Additionally, we feel our book is an excellent adjunct to the curriculum offered to nursing students, physician assistant students, and surgical interns. Before discussing how to use our book, let me share a few pearls about the surgery clerkship. First the “do’s”. Surgery is a team based discipline. Always look for ways to help your team. Take an active role. Strive to make yourself irreplaceable, but do so with an air of humility. Treat others like you would your family (assuming you get along with them). Be an effective communicator. Ask a lot of questions (but make it clear from your questions that you’ve been reading). Ask how you can help. Now the “don’ts”. Don’t be arrogant. Don’t try to upstage your co-student or intern. And fi nally…don’t worry! If you work hard, display enthusiasm, and take an active role, people will notice! You’ll also be surprised to discover that most surgeons enjoy teaching (and aren’t as mean as portrayed on TV). And you may even get bit by the surgery bug!

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