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Surgery Evidence-Based Practice PDF

Surgery Evidence-Based Practice PDF Free Download
Surgery Evidence-Based Practice PDF

Attention to evidence-based surgical medicine began for the two editors in 1983 during our surgical residency at Boston Univer-sity and at morning report at Boston City Hospital Surgical Ser-vices. Our Chairman of Surgery, Lester.F Williams,James F. Utley Professor of Surgery, conducted Rounds in a Socratic manner, and he answered every question with the inquiry “Show me the data.” He invariably had the data organized within an encyclopedic brain and instilled within all his residents s a thirst for “Evidence-Based Medicine” (EBM). The basic principle guiding the preparation of this text was that it should be a dynamic, comprehensive reference focused on the important surgical questions about each disease. The answers to each clinical question should be authoritative and reflect evi-denced-based medicine recommendations for level of evidence and grade of recommendation. Evidenced-based medicine connotes a commitment on the part of the author and a confidence level among the readership that the data presented is obtained from the highest levels of surgical scientific research and observation. We believe that our
distinguished chapter authors have fulfilled this obligation and that our readers can be confident in the answers provided to the questions posed. The book is organized with a finite number of surgical ques-tions for each chapter subject for general, vascular, and pedi-atric content. Each question is answered with concise EBM data,including a table demonstrating the level of evidence and grade of recommendation. Subsequent editions to the textbook will easily incorporate new studies and relevant surgical science questions and answers. We have attempted to combine the best of EBM for surgery with the most up-to-date, prospective, ran-domized controlled trials, large meta-analyses, and cohort data scrutinized for validity and recommendations. We hope that this data can guide the experienced surgeon as well as the nov-ice learner through the management and treatment of surgical diseases.

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