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Surgical Mayo Setups 2nd Edition PDF

Surgical Mayo Setups 2nd Edition PDF Free Download
Surgical Mayo Setups 2nd Edition PDF

Surgical Mayo Setups, 2nd Edition, is designed to be a basic guideline to Mayo tray setups for surgical team members who are preparing for procedures. The Mayo tray setup contains the surgical instrumentation commonly used during the surgical procedures. This book gives the operating room (OR) personnel who will be working in scrub roles, such as surgical technologist and surgical nurses, an overview of the surgical instruments and equipment needed to perform different procedures. This book can be used as a baseline reference for experienced personnel. It will aid students who are training to perform in these roles. It can also be used by new personnel as a basic guideline for setups on specialty procedures they may not have experience with. Mayo setups and instrumentation vary according to facility, instrument set, and specialty procedure. Instruments may be given “slang” names at different facilities. This book contains proper names of instruments so it can be utilized nationwide. It can be of benefit to new employees, employees who have to crosstrain in different specialties, and traveling scrub personnel. Cross-training is necessary because of the increase in types of surgical procedures being performed. Some facilities utilize traveling scrub personnel for various reasons, so this book can be a guide for them regarding unfamiliar procedures. Personnel that specialize in specific areas may also use this book as a reference when they are assigned to procedures outside of their specialty. The book is divided into chapters by specialty procedure. The second edition begins with a new first chapter devoted to photographs of different variations of Mayo setups. It also includes photographs of setups that do not utilize a Mayo tray, but where the scrub person will instead work from the back table. The basic setup will be on the back table and this will be “pulled” up to the sterile field so that the most commonly used instruments are accessible.

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