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Systems Biology in Drug Discovery and Development PDF

Systems Biology in Drug Discovery and Development PDF Free Download

Systems Biology in Drug Discovery and Development PDF Free Download

Despite the wealth of data describing mechanisms underlying health and disease in living systems, health care costs continue to rise, and there is a growing need for improved and more affordable treatments. Efficient drug discovery and development requires methods for integrating preclinical data with patient data into a unified framework to project both efficacy and safety outcomes for new compounds and treatment approaches. In this book we present the foundations of systems biology, a growing multidisciplinary field, applied specifically to drug discovery and development. Systems biology formally integrates knowledge and information from multiple biological sources into a coherent whole by employing proven engineering and mathematical modeling approaches. The integrated system allows rapid analysis and simulation that can inform and optimize the drug research and development processes, by formalizing, and testing, the set of acceptable hypotheses in silico, thereby reducing development time and costs and ultimately improving the efficacy of novel treatments.

This book is the first systems biology text to focus on how systems biology can be specifically applied to enhance drug discovery and development, with particular emphasis on real-world examples. Other texts on systems biology to date have focused on particular subdisciplines of systems biology (such as cellular networks) and have not specifically addressed drug discovery and development. This book introduces key methodologies and technical approaches for helping to solve many of the current challenges facing the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. The target audience for the book includes those training or currently involved in all phases of drug discovery and development. Specific examples include life scientists, pharmacologists, computational and systems biology modelers, bioinformaticians, clinicians, and pharmaceutical/biotech management. The methods and case studies presented here will help researchers understand the diverse applications of the systems approach and integrate these technologies into their drug discovery and development programs. Those who incorporate these approaches successfully should increase their organization’s competitiveness to address unmet market needs as well as more complex diseases and therapies.

Systems Biology in Drug Discovery and Development PDF Free Download, Systems Biology in Drug Discovery and Development PDF Ebook Free