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Textbook of Obesity PDF

Textbook of Obesity PDF Free Download

Textbook of Obesity PDF Free Download

Textbook of Obesity is designed to cover all of the essentialelements concerning the etiology, prevention and treatment ofobesity suitable for students in nutrition, dietetics and healthscience courses. Providing core knowledge for students is anessential and urgent requirement to ensure that those graduatingwill be properly equipped to deal with the high prevalence ofoverweight and obesity, currently affecting almost two-thirds ofthe population of the USA and with prevalence in much of the restof the world rapidly catching up.

This landmark text is organized into 5 parts comprising 27chapters, each carefully written in a user-friendly style byexperts in the area.  Part I helps the reader to understandthe scope and complexity of the problem of obesity. Part II focuseson obesity etiology. Part III examines the health consequences ofobesity for both children and adults.  Part IV discusses thechallenge of assessing obesity in humans and offers insights intocommunity factors that influence the risk of obesity. Finally, Part V dedicates 13 chapters to a discussion of a widevariety of obesity prevention and treatment interventions that arecurrently in use.

Textbook of Obesity is an essential purchase for students andthe many health professionals dealing with obesity on a day-to-daybasis. A dedicated companion website features an extensive bank ofquestions and answers for readers to test their understanding, andall of the book’s illustrations for instructors todownload:

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  • Textbook of Obesity PDF
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