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Textbook of Human Histology 6th Edition PDF

Textbook of Human Histology 6th Edition PDF Free Download
Textbook of Human Histology 6th Edition PDF

Firstly, the “Colour Atlas” has been changed to “Colour Atlas and Practical Guide”. In previous editions the illustrations in the Atlas were arranged according to systems, and the accompanying text was written accordingly. To make it a practical guide, the illustrations are now arranged in groups based on similarity of appearance. In this way students will study a structure along with others that it can be confused with. The accompanying text has been entirely rewritten from this perspective. Secondly, the Atlas has been enriched by the addition of a large number of photomicrographs. Recognising that the histological structure of an organ can show many species differences, all the photomicrographs are from human tissues. Some photomicrographs have been added to the text chapters as well. When a photomicrograph is not added, a reference to it is given for easy location. A study of the spinal cord, the cerebellar cortex and the cerebral cortex falls technically in the field of neuroanatomy. Some teachers felt that as slides of these regions may be shown in histology classes, descriptions should be available in this book also. I have, therefore, added a new chapter on these topics. As before, the text is divided into sections giving basic information essential for undergraduates, and information that is advanced. In the fifth edition the distinction between the two was not always clear. This has been corrected by placing all advanced matter in prominent boxes.

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