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Textbook of Oral Medicine 2nd Edition PDF

Textbook of Oral Medicine 2nd Edition PDF
This is the second edition of the textbook and I am gratified by the acceptance and support that the book has received over the years from educators, students and practitioners. The purpose of second edition of this book is two-fold. First, to include what is new and recent knowledge and the second is correct shortcoming of the first edition. I have evaluated and utilized suggestions from all the critical reviews and recommendations from the faculty members. Obviously, each successive edition of textbook finds the edition with more information. So in this edition I have attempted to solidify and include recent knowledge.
This book also includes a new Chapter Controversial Diseases and Terminologies. Purpose of this chapter is that as knowledge is changing everyday with advanced diagnostic techniques, many old terminologies are discarded and new one are introduced. My first book was criticized a lot for not including references and not having enough photographs in the book. So in this second edition I have included references and around 1000 photographs/illustrations for easy understanding of the diseases. MCQs chapter is completely revised and all the new MCQs are added at the end of chapter. I have also included diagnosis of each lesion in diseases, so that students can understand key point in disease and they can easily remember it. Again, as a human being, mistakes are bound to happen. I tried this second edition to best of my efforts, still there can be shortcoming and I request readers to make note of it and I will try to rectify it in the next edition.

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