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The Bell Lap PDF

The Bell Lap PDF Free Download

The Bell Lap PDF Free Download

Have you or a loved one just been diagnosed with Cancer? What does it all mean? Are you asking…how to make decisions? How to regain control of your life and purpose? How to help the doctors help you? How to care for someone amid the battle? How to leave the battlefield victorious without wounds or scars? Overcoming cancer is more like a marathon than a sprint; it goes on long after surgery or the last chemotherapy. Cancer is like a war waged not only in your body but also in the battlefields of your heart, mind and soul. To save your life you must win on both fronts. The body is up to the doctors. The rest is up to you, and here is how you do it. These questions will be answered: When to keep fighting and when to quit? When to live like there is no tomorrow and when to endure for the sake of many tomorrows? This book resources all you need to know answering these concern. So, read it and give it to everyone who needs it. Here is how you decide and what you do. During the time my wife Joni battled cancer, it was a reassuring gift to be able to call our friend Rob Lane, noted oncologist. With his extensive medical background and expertise, he was able to compassionate guide us step-by-step through the maze of questions and concerns. So much of what he taught us has gone into the book and blog, “The Bell Lap,” and is why Joni and I heartily recommend it. It’s a tremendous no-nonsense guide for anyone battling cancer. – Ken Tada and Joni Eareckson TadaI have just starting reading your book. I think the first two chapters will save and preserve my family. – Jana Heyd, Attorney and Patient Never in my career have I encountered such a useful book – and I’ve looked. The pearls of wisdom you have strung together apply to all of us. It’s a wonderful roadmap for defeating the Dragon in our lives, whether summoned by cancer or by another demon. As a nurse in a critical care unit most of my life, I was always an advocate for my critical patients but could have done that much better if The Bell Lap had been available to me then. – Alice Markowitz, RN, Critical Care Nurse, patientIf you’re been diagnosed with cancer, you know the pit in your stomach and the lump in your throat. This book will put the hope back in your heart and help you regain the control of your life! – Lisa Bjerke, cancer patient”The Bell Lap” by Dr. Lane provides pastors and caregivers a resource that allows us to travel this journey with people whose lives are impacted by cancer. It is written in a way that helps pastors understand the prognosis, grasp the treatments available and provides the hope to sustain the people they serve in their churches. – Pastor Gino Grunbert

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