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The Blood Code PDF

The Blood Code PDF Free Download

The Blood Code PDF Free Download

Dr. Richard Maurer, author of The Blood Code-Unlock the Secrets of Your Metabolism, offers a dynamic new health and fitness program.

The Blood Code provides you with everything you need to know to understand your metabolic code, by teaching you how to order, read and act on your own blood test results and skin-fold caliper measurements. Blood tests and body fat distribution offer a viewing window into how your genetic powers interact with your current diet, nutrition and fitness habits.

The Blood Code: Unlock the Secrets of Your Metabolism walks a line between a reference book and self help book to provide an accurate map that allows you to guide your own nutrition, exercise and lifestyle; finally free from misleading or harmful one-size-fits-all advice. By following Dr. Maurer’s six easy steps for ninety days, you will be well on your way toward cracking the unique metabolic blueprint you inherited from your ancestors.

The Blood Code™ is for people with:

• High blood sugar

• Type 2 diabetes & prediabetes

• Hypothyroid symptoms

• Elevated heart disease risk

• Weight problems

• “Sugar” related conditions like migraines, psoriasis, yeast infections

• Athletes—for personalized dietary and carb requirements

While The Blood Code helps you resolve conditions like diabetes and heart disease, this valuable book ultimately guides you toward the individualized dietary and fitness habits that enhance a long, healthy and productive life.

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