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The Cervical Spine 4th Edition PDF

The Cervical Spine 4th Edition PDF Free Download: The Cervical Spine Research Society Editorial Committee

The Cervical Spine 4th Edition PDF Free Download

this, the fourth edition of The Cervical S pine, embodies the basic principles for which the Cervical Spine r esearch Society was originally founded in 1973. i believe one of the most important purposes of our Society is to expand our understanding of the cervical spine and consequently improve the care of our patients. t his text incorporates information derived in large extent from the study of the cervical spine by members of our Society. t he continued growth of our knowledge of the cervical spine and the conditions that afflict it has been significant and a text such as ours needs to be periodically updated. this new edition reflects the latest advances in our knowledge regarding conditions that affect the cervical spine and the exciting new developments in treatment. t ruly, our founding members, as well as our entire Society, should be extremely proud of this text.

A work of this scope is not possible without the efforts of many individuals. t he entire membership of the Cervical Spine research Society must be acknowledged for the exchange of ideas as well as contributions they have provided throughout the years, largely at our annual meetings. Such ideas have been the stimulus for this text, although it is impossible to thank the countless individuals involved with this work here, it is important to recognize those individuals who played an integral part in the development of this edition. First and foremost are the members of the Editorial Committee: Jiˇrí d voˇrák, M.d ., Edward C. Benzel, M.d ., Christopher u llrich, M.d ., h arry h erkowitz, M.d ., Alexander Vaccaro, M.d ., John d ormans, M.d ., Steven Garfin, M.d ., Frank Eismont, M.d ., and Bradford Currier, M.d . in addition, i wish to thank all of the individuals at Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, and in particular r obert h urley, who have been a major driving force throughout. Lastly, yet most importantly, i wish to thank Peggy Stover for her tremendous secretarial skills, and my wife Barbara and daughters Kathy and h eather for their patience, understanding, and encouragement, during the many hours of editing this text. it has been a pleasure working with the members of the Editorial Committee as well as all the members of our Society in the development and implementation of this 4th Edition of The Cervical Spine.

The Cervical Spine 4th Edition PDF Free Download, The Cervical Spine 4th Edition PDF Ebook Free