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The Color Atlas of Pediatrics PDF

The Color Atlas of Pediatrics PDF Free Download
The Color Atlas of Pediatrics PDF

Pediatricians see a wide variety of genetic and congenital disorders, infections, skin conditions, and many other problems that span the pediatric spectrum. It is clear that a comprehensive atlas that aids in diagnosis using visible signs and internal imaging will be of tremendous value. We have assembled more than 1,900 outstanding clinical images for this very purpose and are proud to present the first edition of a modern comprehensive atlas of pediatrics. Some photographs will amaze you and all will inform you about the various conditions that befall our patients. It took a number of people many years to create the first edition of The Color Atlas of Pediatrics. For us, it has been a life long inspired by many great mentors, who taught us the importance of physical examination findings in caring for our patients. We have been fortunate to compile many photographs of our patients over the years, which we have used to teach medical students and residents. We now have the honor of sharing these images with the readers of this atlas. We are grateful to the many outstanding contributors to this textbook who have unselfishly shared with us their patient stories and images, and their vast knowledge of the disease processes, which has allowed us to compile this truly comprehensive pediatric atlas. The Color Atlas of Pediatrics is written for pediatricians and all healthcare providers involved in providing care to children and adolescents. It can be invaluable to medical students, residents, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, family physicians and dermatologists. The Color Atlas of Pediatrics is also for anyone who loves to look at clinical photographs for learning, teaching, and practicing medicine. The first chapter begins with an introduction to learning with images and digital photography. The core of the book focuses on medical conditions organized by anatomic and physiologic systems. This book covers healthcare from birth to adulthood. There are special sections devoted to the essence of pediatrics, physical/sexual abuse, newborn and adolescent health, dermatology, and genetic disorders.

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