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The Handbook of Communication Disorders PDF

The Handbook of Communication Disorders PDF Free Download

The Handbook of Communication Disorders PDF Free Download

With this landmark textbook, speech-language pathologists will learn to apply current best evidence as they make critical decisions about the care of each individual they serve. The first text that covers this cutting-edge topic for the communication disorders field, this book introduces SLPs to the principles and process of evidence-based practice, thoroughly covering its three primary components: “external” evidence from systematic research, “internal” evidence from clinical practice, and evidence concerning patient preferences. SLPs will get the in-depth guidance they need to

  • construct the right questions about best evidence
  • find the reliable information they need to answer these questions
  • evaluate the validity of both internal and external evidence
  • weigh the importance of empirical evidence, whether from a research study or from an individual patient
  • help patients fully understand clinical options and express their preferences
  • conduct systematic, critical appraisals of treatment evidence, diagnosis and screening evidence, and evidence from systematic reviews or meta-analyses

Developed by Christine A. Dollaghan, one of the most highly respected researchers in the field of language acquisition and disorders, this text makes complex concepts understandable with its clear, reader-friendly language, vivid step-by-step examples of key processes, and illuminating figures and tables.

SLPs will come away with a solid, practical understanding of evidence-based practice—knowledge they’ll use throughout their careers to make sound clinical decisions about the screening, diagnosis, and treatment of communication disorders.

  • The Handbook of Communication Disorders PDF Free Download,
  • The Handbook of Communication Disorders Free Ebook,
  • The Handbook of Communication Disorders PDF
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