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The Hearing-Loss Guide PDF

The Hearing-Loss Guide PDF Free Download

The Hearing-Loss Guide PDF Free Download

The best advice for those with hearing loss, from a leading audiologist and from patients with personal experience  

Where can the most accurate and helpful information about hearing loss be found? From a friend or relative who has impaired hearing? From an experienced audiologist? Both, says the author of this essential book!
In an unusual new approach, audiologist John M. Burkey offers not only specific and up-to-date information based on his own extensive experience with patients, but also useful, first-hand advice from those patients themselves. The Hearing-Loss Guide presents clear, basic facts on hearing impairment and treatments, followed by candid personal recommendations from people who are coping successfully with hearing difficulties. For anyone confronting hearing loss, for family members and friends, and for others who work alongside or care for a person with a hearing impairment, this book is a must-read.
Inside The Hearing-Loss Guide:
 ·     Specific practical advice from patients and family members for coping with hearing loss
 ·     A professional audiologist’s clear explanations of hearing loss, current treatments, hearing aids, and other devices
 ·     Helpful suggestions for friends, co-workers, and caretakers of persons with hearing difficulties

  • The Hearing-Loss Guide PDF Free Download,
  • The Hearing-Loss Guide Free Ebook,
  • The Hearing-Loss Guide PDF
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