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The Ischemic Penumbra PDF

The Ischemic Penumbra PDF Free Download

The Ischemic Penumbra PDF Free Download

The Ischemic Penumbra presents the current status of concepts and research on this topic and identifies the latest methods for clinicians to quickly and efficiently recognize viable cerebral tissue for enhanced stroke management. Focusing on state-of-the-science technologies and current trends, the book examines imaging strategies utilizing PET, SPECT, MR, and CT for improved identification of key areas for intervention and therapy in the management of stroke patients.

With chapters by international authorities on the topic—including the originator of the ischemic penumbra concept, Professor Lindsay Symon—this volume provides a comprehensive view of the ischemic penumbra ranging from neurochemical processes to clinical implications, imaging, and therapy. It contains the first authoritative discussion of the thresholds and duration of the ischemic penumbra documented in various species, with sections that outline cerebral blood flow levels and their effects on important biochemical parameters. The book also supplies an authoritative series of chapters individually focused on current imaging techniques to target the location and extent of the penumbra. It outlines the relevance of the ischemic penumbra to specific therapies, such as extending time windows for therapy, and studies the determination of the presence of penumbra using a novel imaging/clinical mismatch concept, with clinical evidence and validation to date.

  • The Ischemic Penumbra PDF Free Download,
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  • The Ischemic Penumbra PDF
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