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The Junior Doctor’s Guide to Cardiology PDF

The Junior Doctor’s Guide to Cardiology PDF Free Download

The Junior Doctor's Guide to Cardiology PDF Free Download

The transition between medical student and junior doctor is both stressful and demanding. Th e learning curve is extremely steep, and even more so in the world of specialist medicine. Junior doctors are expected to move around to diff erent areas every 4 to 6 months. Although this provides excellent exposure, just as they are starting to get comfortable with the job, they have to move on to a new specialty. Senior doctors expect a lot of their juniors, oft en forgetting how complex much of their chosen specialty is. As a result, junior doctors oft en feel out of their depth, and may be too embarrassed to tell their seniors when they don’t understand something. Th e majority of books currently available on this subject are packed full of information, but much of this is not aimed at junior doctors working on the front line.

These books oft en list countless investigations and areas of management for specifi c medical conditions. However, they lack explanation of the results you should expect to obtain from these investigations, and their interpretation in the clinical context. We have written this book to act as a ‘user’s guide’ for junior doctors for day- to- day clinical cardiology while they are out on the wards. It should provide a logical stepwise guide through the more common problems encountered in cardiology, and support the junior doctor with their clinical practice and decision making. We have all been in the situation where, as a junior, we request an investigation not because we are looking for a highly specifi c answer, but because our consultant has asked us to request it. We believe that this book helps to explain the reasons why an investigation is requested, and provides a basic understanding of how to interpret the result. Furthermore, we have included chapters covering areas such as successful ward rounds and safe prescribing in cardiology, which should further off er support for you as a junior doctor.

The Junior Doctor’s Guide to Cardiology PDF Free Download, The Junior Doctor’s Guide to Cardiology PDF Ebook Free