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The Magic of Ilizarov Techniques Tips Tricks Pitfalls Methods PDF

The Magic of Ilizarov Techniques Tips Tricks Pitfalls Methods PDF Free Download

The Magic of Ilizarov Techniques Tips Tricks Pitfalls Methods PDF Free Download

Transosseus Osteosynthesis is a revolutionary concept in orthopaedics by which bone can be made to grow even after skeletal maturity. Not only bone, but nerves, vessels, tendons, muscles, ligaments, fascia and even skin can be made to grow. This is possible by a unique and revolutionary system introduced by G. A. Ilizarov of Kurgan, Siberia in 1951. The Ilizarov system produces miracles, which always cause awe, and elicits standing ovations in orthopaedic conferences, due to their apparently magical results.
This system gained popularity in 1990 and gradually rose to its peak until 2000, by when it had become popular all over the world, with surgeons producing similar reproducible results worldwide. Then came an era of wholesale modifications in the design of the apparatus, and an increasing tendency to replace the thin wires with thick Shanz pins. Around this time started a decline in the popularity of the system. Surprisingly, by 2015, the popularity of the system had declined to such an extent that it was infrequently used only in a few centres, and most younger generation orthopaedic surgeons were either unfamiliar, or afraid of, this system.
When I resumed orthopaedic practice after a thirteen year break, I was surprised to find that Ilizarov had completely gone out of fashion, and both surgeons and patients were scared of the system. Having experienced the unique capabilities of this system, I understood that the problems were manifold. A few badly-applied frames and improperly done surgeries, wholesale design changes deviating from the Ilizarov principles, the heavy frame and rings, improper indications, lack of thorough understanding of the scientific principles, and a paucity of training facilities probably caused this decline in popularity.
The first five patients I saw after my return were all complications of internal fixations, and I applied the Ilizarov frame in four. The results (as I expected) were spectacular, and my internet posts and shares to various orthopaedic groups brought many comments and more questions. I suddenly realized that a large number of orthopaedic surgeons are unfamiliar with this magical system, and existing books are voluminous and too theoretical to allow a surgeon to actually operate after reading them.
This book attempts to fill that gap. If you are a young surgeon, with limited or no experience in Ilizarov system, this book will at least dispel all your apprehensions and allow you to begin applying basic frames, and experience the magic of Osteosynthesis. If you are a practising Ilizarov surgeon or a specialist, you will find something to appreciate or criticize. I have shared my thirty years of experience with this system, and sincerely hope that my readers enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it in British English. L. Prakash

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