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The Short Textbook of Pediatrics 12th Edition PDF

The Short Textbook of Pediatrics 12th Edition PDF Free Download

The Short Textbook of Pediatrics 12th Edition PDF Free Download

The much-awaited 12th edition of The Short Textbook of Pediatrics appears at a time when pediatrics has well established its status as an independent subject in the undergraduate curriculum with a separate examination at university level in India following the laudable endeavors of the Indian Academy of Pediatrics. Since the last edition eminently succeeded in meeting the needs of the undergraduate students, here in the 12th edition we have made further strides to attain the enhanced excellence not only for them but also for the benefit of postgraduates, residents, practitioners and teachers. The goal is to provide a blend of time-honored concepts along with new advances with special emphasis on the needs in the Indian subcontinent. Each and every chapter stands updated with extensive revisions and/or rewriting, reorganization and additional material. Besides a few new chapters, hundreds of fresh illustrations (clinical photographs, diagrams, algorithms/flow charts), boxes and tables are added. An enlarged Index shall further facilitate easy retrieval of information. In keeping with the changing needs, two new features have been incorporated at the end of each chapters in the form of self-assessment Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and Clinical Problem-solving Reviews. As a result, the new edition is yet more reader-friendly, state-of-the-art and practical-oriented.
Yet, the hallmarks of the earlier editions, namely brevity with comprehensiveness, simple and straightforward style and easy to understand expression have been retained and, in fact, further strengthened. Without any shadow of doubt, the unique and enhanced value of the 12th edition is very much on account of the expertise, hard work and command in the respective fields of the distinguished contributors. My hats off to them! A multitude of colleagues, friends and readers, in India and abroad, made worthy suggestions for enhancing the utility of the book. Informed assistance from the faculty of the Postgraduate Department of Pediatrics, Mamata Medical College and Hospitals, especially Dr G Somaiah, Dr MAM Siddiq and Dr G Arpitha, is particulary acknowledged. Also, the time-totime academic feedbacks from our residents/postgraduates deserve appreciation.

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