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The Soul of Medicine PDF

The Soul of Medicine PDF Free Download

The Soul of Medicine PDF Free Download

“Like all doctors, I collect stories…”

From one of America’s most renowned and beloved doctors, and best-selling winner of the National Book Award, comes a remarkable book that brings together the stories of doctors collected over 30 years. Each of these tales, filled with grace and wisdom, explores the mysteries and conundrums of modern medicine. Enhanced by Sherwin Nuland’s keen insight into the special relationship between doctor and patient, these engrossing stories illustrate the judgment, wisdom, and character of veteran doctors who have mastered the art of care-giving. Taken together, the lessons learned from The Soul of Medicine are as moving and profound as they are timeless.

“A beautiful book.” —Oliver Sacks

“Nuland is a gifted storyteller, bringing his doctors…brilliantly to life.” —John Irving

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