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The Zero Trimester PDF

The Zero Trimester PDF Free Download: Pre-Pregnancy Care and the Politics of Reproductive Risk

The Zero Trimester PDF Free Download
The idea for this book originated years ago, while I was hiking in New Hampshire with one of my graduate-school mentors, Lorraine V. Klerman. I had just read the CDC’s guidelines for pre-conception care, and Lorraine had recently served on the CDC’s expert select panel on pre-conception care. I had many questions about the emergence of this seemingly new idea for improving birth outcomes and how it might interface with cultural assumptions about gender, risk, and responsibility. A renowned public-health scholar, Lorraine was always very patient with and intrigued by my sociological interest in the relationship between medical knowledge and social order, and she helped me turn a project idea into a reality. Along with her unwavering intellectual support and expansive knowledge on my subject, Lorraine’s connections to leaders in maternal and child health were key to the development of my project. Soon after our hike, in her usual collegial spirit, Lorraine invited Kay Johnson and me to her home in Waltham, Massachusetts, to discuss the history and potential implications of a pre-conception care framework in public health. Kay was lead author on the CDC’s pre-conception care guidelines, and her expertise on the subject ran deep. Kay’s encouragement was absolutely essential to the trajectory of my work, and she expedited my research in numerous ways, including supporting my attendance at the third National Summit on Preconception Health and Health Care. Additionally, Dr. Hani Atrash pleasantly welcomed me to CDC offi ces in Atlanta to pursue my research.

I am truly grateful to all the experts who took time out of their busy schedules to talk with me about pre-conception care. I learned so much from them, and I admire their dedication to healthy mothers and children. I realize that all of the professionals with whom I spoke will not agree with some of my arguments in this book, but I hope that my work will engender future dialogue about that which we indubitably share: a commitment to maternal and child health. I am in awe of the everyday work they all do in this realm and am thankful to be part of the conversation.

The Zero Trimester PDF Free Download, The Zero Trimester PDF Ebook Free