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Treating Traumatized Children PDF

Treating Traumatized Children PDF Free Download

Treating Traumatized Children PDF Free Download

Featuring extensive case studies, this volume provides a unique window into implementation of evidence-based treatments in real-world community settings. Experienced therapists illustrate the use of three effective therapies for traumatized children and their caregivers: trauma-focused cognitive-behavioral therapy (TF-CBT), child-parent psychotherapy (CPP), and parent-child interaction therapy (PCIT). Covering the entire process of assessment and intervention, the cases highlight ways to maintain treatment fidelity while addressing complex clinical challenges with diverse clients. Experts in the respective therapy models offer instructive commentaries at the end of each case. The book also provides a concise introduction to each model, including its theoretical underpinnings, empirical support, and applications.

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  • Treating Traumatized Children PDF
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