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Twin-Twin Transfusion Syndrome PDF

Twin-Twin Transfusion Syndrome PDF Free Download

Twin-Twin Transfusion Syndrome PDF Free Download

Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS) affects identical twins who share a placenta. TTTS is a very unpredictable and dangerous condition, and should be considered critical from the start. This book is not intended to be any type of medical guide. Rather, it’s a collection of stories as told by the parents. As you read the stories in this book, you will see that regardless of the outcome, none of us will ever be the same after TTTS. We want the world to realize that, whether a family loses 1, both, or neither of their babies, this horrible syndrome changes all of us forever. You’ll see that regardless of outcome, every family fought significant challenges. Our goal of this book is to spread more awareness, and provide an outlet for families to share their stories, celebrate their babies, and remember the many who did not survive. TTTS changed all our lives forever.

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  • Twin-Twin Transfusion Syndrome PDF
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