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Ultrasound of the Hand and Upper Extremity PDF

Ultrasound of the Hand and Upper Extremity PDF Free Download

Ultrasound of the Hand and Upper Extremity PDF Free Download

It is with great pleasure that we present Ultrasound of the Hand and Upper Extremity: A Step-by-Step Guide, a textbook designed with the busy clinician in mind. The text assumes no prior ultrasound experience and is a “cookbook” designed to teach basic ultrasound principles and techniques for a variety of upper extremity pathologies. Musculoskeletal ultrasound has evolved from a niche modality, only used by radiologists, to a mainstream part of clinical practice for many physicians and surgeons. The sheer number of applications for upper extremity conditions is astounding. With increased pressure on providers to contain the high costs of health care and to provide the most efficient care possible, the use of musculoskeletal ultrasound will continue to grow. The use of ultrasound guidance to perform intra-articular, intrabursal, and intratendon sheath injection results in increased accuracy, improved patient reported outcome scores, and higher patient satisfaction compared with landmark-based injections.
In addition, many studies have found ultrasound to have comparable sensitivity and specificity to magnetic resonance imaging for the identification of full-thickness rotator cuff tears, collateral ligament tears, and tendon ruptures and lacerations. Unfortunately, current textbooks tend to focus too heavily on theory and are not very “readable” for the busy practicing physician. My own experience was that it was “like looking for a needle in a haystack” to figure out how to perform a specific injection or identify a specific structure during an examination. This was the major motivation for Ultrasound of the Hand and Upper Extremity: A Step-by-Step Guide. Our goal is to provide easy-to-follow instructions to perform injections and identify pathology throughout the upper extremity. The content is presented in a “highyield” format, with bullet points rather than dense paragraphs of information. This format will allow clinicians to find information quickly and apply it to the intended clinical situation. Each chapter has numerous pictures showing how to hold the ultrasound probe, where to place the needle, and how to perform the examination. In addition, selected chapters have video to demonstrate some of the techniques.

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