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Urology In-Service and Board Review PDF

Urology In-Service and Board Review PDF Free Download : The Essential and Concise Study Guide

Urology In-Service and Board Review PDF Free Download

This book is designed to help improve urology residents’ in-service scores and to provide a concise review for busy urologists who plan to take the board examinations. The authors expertly condense the essential urologi-cal concepts into a single, reliable reference source. Every aspect of this study guide was designed to achieve rapid results in the shortest amount of time. Most material is presented in a bullet point format so that the reader can gather high-yield information without being bogged down by minutiae. Bold and italicized text draws attention to important topics, while “High-Yield Boxes” highlight vital information.

100+ tables and figures condense com-plex information to improve memory recall during actual testing situations. Complex disease treatment algorithms, such as testicular and prostate can-cer, are included. The authors would like to provide a few suggestions to further improve your test score. First, readers should review the Syndromes chapter (i.e., Chapter 35) just prior to the exam as many of these diseases may appear as distractor answer choices. During these high-stakes examinations, the quick elimination of the wrong answer choices will increase your odds of achiev-ing a higher score. In addition, the reader is highly encouraged to utilize the excellent pathology slide review on the AUA website ( in conjunction with this book. At a minimum, review the slides of the most com-mon tumors for renal, bladder, prostate, and testicular. The pathology slides are highly relevant to the examinations and may appear on your test. The authors look forward to your feedback ( They plan to provide an up-to-date, concise review of Urologic Surgery for residents and attendings in upcoming editions.

Urology In-Service and Board Review PDF Free Download, Urology In-Service and Board Review PDF Ebook Free