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Vascular Anomalies PDF

Vascular Anomalies PDF Free Download

Vascular Anomalies PDF Free Download

This is a good, comprehensive guide to vascular anomalies with detailed information as to their classification, location, behavior, and other characteristics.BIZ INDIA

This is a well-organized and well-presented review of these diverse and often complicated anomalies. The spectrum of lesion types and locations is quite broad, and they are well covered and well illustrated in this book.Doody’s Reviews (starred review)

Vascular anomalies are common lesions affecting at least 5% of the population. Patients often require multi-disciplinary care. This is a “how-to” text that illustrates the principles and techniques for the surgical management of vascular anomalies. The book covers the entire field of vascular anomalies. In addition, the text describes the operative management of these lesions in different anatomical locations. The book was designed so that it can be easily referenced, and contains classification, operative principles, figures, and video provided by experts in the field.

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  • Vascular Anomalies PDF Free Download,
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  • Vascular Anomalies PDF
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