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Vascular Engineering 2016 PDF

Vascular Engineering 2016 PDF Free Download

Vascular Engineering 2016 PDF Free Download

Urologists have long used urinary stents in patients who have – or who are at risk of developing – an obstruction or blockage of the kidney. These rodlike devices are inserted into the ureter to keep the canal open or to help with healing after trauma, surgery or radiotherapy. More recently the use of stents for the prostate and urethra has also become more widespread, despite poor results in first generation models. Constant development has led to the introduction of second generation stents with a variety of designs, materials and coatings. These have gone a long way to counter the traditional side effects such as irritation, hematuria, infection and encrustation. Handbook of Urinary Stents has been written to provide urologists with a practical guide to the various new models for stenting. The book describes the various stents available; the criteria for their selection; their clinical application and potential complications of use. At the same time, the book provides thorough descriptions of relevant physiology and pathophysiology for those requiring deeper understanding of the subject. Key Points Provides a comprehensive, timely review for urologists needing an accessible guide to the range of stents available Chapters highlight the use of stents in special populations such as children and patients with transplanted ureter Emphasis on clinical complications following the use of stents and how to manage them effectively

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  • Vascular Engineering 2016 PDF
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