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Viva Voce in Medical Pharmacology PDF

Viva Voce in Medical Pharmacology PDF Free Download

Viva Voce in Medical Pharmacology PDF Free Download

Table of contents general pharmacology general consideration cholinergic drugs anticholinergic drugs skeletal muscle relaxants adrenergic and antiadrenergic drugs analeptics, psychostimulant, nootropic psychopharmacology social pharmacology alcohol antiparkinsonian drugs narcotic analgesics sedative and hypnotics anti-epileptics nsaid local anaesthetics general anaesthetics histamine and serotonin plasma kinins and angiotensin prostaglandins and leukotrienes cough bronchial asthma drugs in heart failure antiarrhythmic drugs antianginal drugs antihypertensive drugs hypolipoproteinemic drugs plasma expanders water and electrolytes diuretics and antidiuretics emetics, anti-emetics, carminative, purgatives antipeptic ulcer drugs iron vitamin b12 and folic acid coagulants and anticoagulants pituitary thyroid and antithyroid diabetes mellitus, insulin oral hypoglycaemic drugs corticosteroids drugs acting on calcium metabolism anabolic st

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