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Vulval Dermatologic Diagnosis PDF

Vulval Dermatologic Diagnosis PDF Free Download

Vulval Dermatologic Diagnosis PDF Free Download

Rather than categorizing vulvar disorders by standard classifications such as neoplastic, inflammatory, or infective, this book describes the disorders by key presenting symptoms—such as erythema, bullae, plaques, cysts, or ulcers. This approach allows clinicians to quickly formulate a correct diagnosis.

Vulval Dermatologic Diagnosis: Diagnosis by Clinical Presenting Sign combines clinical images with short, concise descriptions to facilitate the timely and correct identification of various vulvar disorders.

The book includes hundreds of color clinical photographs for ease of diagnosis. For many disorders, a clinical description, etiology, epidemiology, diagnosis, differential diagnosis, and treatment are also included.

Written by leaders in the field with extensive clinical expertise in the area, these distinguished physicians and scientists consolidate decades of experience into one single volume. This book is a valuable and useful resource for dermatologists, gynecologists, family physicians, and medical students.

  • Vulval Dermatologic Diagnosis PDF Free Download,
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  • Vulval Dermatologic Diagnosis PDF
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