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World Affectivity Trauma PDF

World Affectivity Trauma PDF Free Download

World Affectivity Trauma PDF Free Download

Stolorow and his collaborators’ post-Cartesian psychoanalytic perspective – intersubjective-systems theory – is a phenomenological contextualism that illuminates worlds of emotional experience as they take form within relational contexts. After outlining the evolution and basic ideas of this framework, Stolorow shows both how post-Cartesian psychoanalysis finds enrichment and philosophical support in Heidegger’s analysis of human existence, and how Heidegger’s existential philosophy, in turn, can be enriched and expanded by an encounter with post-Cartesian psychoanalysis. In doing so, he creates an important psychological bridge between post-Cartesian psychoanalysis and existential philosophy in the phenomenology of emotional trauma.

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  • World Affectivity Trauma PDF
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