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Your Body. How It Works. The Circulatory System PDF

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Your Body. How It Works. The Circulatory System PDF Free Download

Your Body. How It Works. The Circulatory System PDF

After more than 30 years of space travel, scientists have learned that almost every body system is affected by life in space. Astronauts lose muscle mass in their legs and lose bone mass due to demineralization. The loss of minerals such as calcium from the bones can cause kidney stones and eventually lead to osteoporosis and spinal fractures similar to those seen in elderly people. Space travel also adversely affects the human circulatory system and, as we will see, could make space travel a very dangerous activity. THE EFFECTS OF MICROGRAVITY ON HUMAN CIRCULATION The human circulatory system, also known as the cardiovascular system, is designed to efficiently deliver blood, and the nutrients and oxygen it carries, to all of the body’s tissues. In this way, all of our body’s tissues rely on the circulatory system and its function is critical to life. It is no wonder that there are many physiologists, scientists who study how the body works, who specialize in the human circulatory system. It may surprise you to learn, however, that there is an entire field of physiology, known as space physiology, devoted to understanding how the human body functions in space.

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