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Your First ENT Job PDF

Your First ENT Job PDF Free Download

Your First ENT Job PDF Free Download

Medics need well informed careers advice information guidance and counselling throughout their careers and not just while they are students or newly qualified doctors. The material in this book meets the needs of those wanting to gain insight into their own career development as well as those helping medical colleagues with their careers. A range of available options are explored from entry requirements through higher specialist training parallel medical careers and part-time alternatives. It covers regulations for overseas medics and recent changes in GP training. It is clear concise and fully referenced containing tips practical exercises and further reading. Case histories of doctors in 30 medical specialties illustrate opportunities and show how desired outcomes can be achieved. It is an essential resource for anyone in medicine considering a career change and individuals in a position to help other doctors with career development.

  • Your First ENT Job PDF Free Download,
  • Your First ENT Job Free Ebook,
  • Your First ENT Job PDF
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